Factsheet for Pharmacies

Reducing Poisonings, Drug Abuse and Overdose

iStock_000007982994Medium-cropA new medicine disposal program is being implemented in King County that will collect and safely dispose of unwanted medicines from residents of the county.

MED-Project, the stewardship plan operator, will provide kiosks and disposal services to pharmacies. Cost of the kiosk , including installation, supplies and maintenance, transportation and disposal is provided by the industry-funded product stewardship program.

Participate as a Collector

King County’s Secure Medicine Return Regulations provide an opportunity for  pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics  to participate in the new program by hosting a kiosk at their location.   View factsheet using link below for more information.

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For More Information Contact:
MED-Project at  (844) 677-6532  or email kingcounty@med-project.org