Frequently Asked Questions

Where are medicine drop-boxes located?

Medicine drop-boxes are located at participating pharmacy and law enforcement offices throughout King County.
Find a location.

What medicines can I bring for disposal?

Medicines sold in any form
Prescription medicines
Non-prescription medicines
Controlled substances
Pet medicines

What items are NOT accepted for disposal?

Herbal remedies
Personal care products
Medical devices
Mercury thermometers
Illicit drugs
Pet pesticide products

How much does it cost to use this service?

There is no cost to residents for disposing of unwanted medicines, either when purchasing or when using a medicine drop-box for disposal.

How do I store my medicines safely?

Storing medicines safely help keep family’s safe from accidental poisoning and overdose. Here is one source of information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Up and Away. There are other agencies that also provide information.

What if I am not able to travel to a drop-box location?

f you are homebound or have limited mobility, you can request a mail-back envelope to be sent to your home to dispose of your unwanted medicines. Here’s how it works.