How to dispose of sharps

Syringes, needles and lancets, often called “sharps”, can carry hepatitis, HIV and other germs that cause disease. Tossing them into the trash or flushing them down the toilet can pose health risks for others. Regulations for disposal of sharps protect garbage workers and the general public from needle sticks and illness.

There are different rules and disposal options for home use and for businesses. Disposal options are also different if you live in the City of Seattle or if you live in a city or unincorporated area of King County other than Seattle.

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Information about the different regulations and disposal options are for provided below. Use the link below to learn more about:

  • Disposing of sharps used in a business.
  • Disposing of needles, syringes or lancets used at home for personal reasons
  • Returning used needles and syringes to your pharmacy or doctor
  • The King County Needle Exchange
  • Bringing home-generated used sharps to Public Health Center drop boxes
  • What to do with syringes and needles found on public and private property