Mail-Back Envelopes

Residents that are homebound or have limited mobility

Residents that are homebound or have limited mobility can request to have a mail-back envelope sent to their home to dispose of unwanted medicines.  Home healthcare professionals providing services to homebound residents or residents with limited mobility may request a mail-back envelope on their behalf.

Each mail-back envelope is 8 by 11 inches and holds up to 8 ounces of unwanted medicines. Simply place the unwanted medicines in the pre-paid mail-back envelope that was provided, seal and place in your mailbox. There is no cost to residents to use this service.  Here are two ways to request a mail-back envelope:

Request a mail-back envelope online
Click here to use the form provide to request a mail-back envelope.  The request form may submitted
more than once if multiple envelopes are needed.

Request a mail-back envelope by phone

Call the following number during regular business hours or leave a message to request a
mail-back envelope:   1-(844) 633-7765

Click here to find out what medicines are accepted.