Safely dispose of the medicines you no longer need at a collection location listed below.
It’s easy and convenient and there is no cost to residents to use this service.

Seattle Collection Locations

Virginia Mason Buck Pavilion Pharmacy1100 Ninth AveSeattleWA98101
Kaiser Permanente Downtown Pharmacy1420 5th Ave, Suite 375SeattleWA98101
Virginia Mason Lindeman Pavilion Pharmacy1201 Terry AveSeattleWA98101
Kelley Ross Long Term Care2324 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 400SeattleWA98102
QFC Pharmacy (Seattle-Broadway)417 Broadway ESeattleWA98102
Union Center Pharmacy2324 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 405SeattleWA98102
CVS Pharmacy (Seattle-45th)2100 N 45th StSeattleWA98103
Eastern’s Pharmacy515 Minor Ave, Suite 120SeattleWA98104
Harborview Ground East Hospital OP Pharmacy325 9th Ave, Room GCTSeattleWA98104
Harborview Ninth and Jefferson Pharmacy908 Jefferson StSeattleWA98104
International Community Health Services – International District720 8th Ave SSeattleWA98104
Kelley Ross Pharmacy904 7th Ave, Suite 103SeattleWA98104
Swedish Arnold Pavilion Pharmacy1221 Madison St, 3rd FloorSeattleWA98104
CVS Pharmacy (Seattle-University)4313 University Way NESeattleWA98105
QFC Pharmacy (Seattle-45th)2746 NE 45th StSeattleWA98105
University of Washington Police3939 15th Ave NESeattleWA98105
Swedish Medical Center Ballard5300 Tallman Ave NWSeattleWA98107
Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill500 17th AveSeattleWA98107
Sea Mar Pharmacy8800 14th Ave SSeattleWA98108
CVS Pharmacy (Seattle-Queen Anne)531 Queen Anne Ave NSeattleWA98109
QFC Pharmacy (Seattle-Mercer)500 Mercer StSeattleWA98109
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance825 Eastlake Ave E, 5th FloorSeattleWA98109
Country Doctor Community Health Clinic Pharmacy500 19th Ave ESeattleWA98112
Kaiser Permanente Central Pharmacy201 16th Ave E, MOB, Level BSeattleWA98112
Kaiser Permanente Central South Pharmacy125 16th Ave ESeattleWA98112
Kaiser Permanente Northgate Pharmacy9800 4th Ave NESeattleWA98115
QFC Pharmacy (Seattle-42nd)4550 42nd Ave SWSeattleWA98116
QFC Pharmacy (Seattle-Holman)9999 Holman Rd NWSeattleWA98117
International Community Health Services-Holly Park Pharmacy3815 S Othello St, 2nd FloorSeattleWA98118
Kaiser Permanente Rainier Pharmacy5316 Rainier Ave SSeattleWA98118
Othello Station Pharmacy4219 S Othello StSeattleWA98118
Downtown Pharmacy Public Health2124 4th AveSeattleWA98121
Carolyn Downs Community Health Clinic Pharmacy2101 E Yesler WaySeattleWA98122
QFC Pharmacy (Seattle-Roosevelt)11100 Roosevelt Way NESeattleWA98125
Northwest Prescriptions1536 N 115th St, Suite 100SeattleWA98133
Costco Pharmacy (Seattle)4401 4th Ave SSeattleWA98134
Seattle Indian Health Board611 12th Ave S, Suite 200SeattleWA98144
QFC Pharmacy (Seattle-145th)1531 NE 145th StSeattleWA98155
University of Washington Hall Health Center 4060 E Stevens WaySeattleWA98195
University of Washington Medical Center Roosevelt Pharmacy4245 Roosevelt Way NESeattleWA98195
University of Washington Medical Center OP Pharmacy1959 NE Pacific St, 3rd FloorSeattleWA98195
CVS Pharmacy (Seattle-32nd)2438 32nd Ave WSeattleWA98199